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SIRI - House of Vegan Ice Creams opens at T.V.Koil , Trichy

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On a sunny afternoon in Trichy, feeling weary and in need of refreshment, I stumbled upon Siri Ice Cream Shop. Immediately upon entering, I was greeted warmly by a group of enthusiastic youths who were discussing something. Their friendly demeanor instantly made me feel welcomed. When I inquired about their specialties, they proudly mentioned their millet ice cream, boasting of its natural ingredients and lack of artificial colors or flavors.

They graciously invited me to taste a variety of flavors, including mango, mixed fruit, Goa, and jamun. Each spoonful burst with authentic, delicious flavors. I was particularly drawn to the mango flavor, which transported me to the orchards with its rich and fruity taste and one more flavor too.


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