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We are SIRI

We are Manufacturer of

World's First Millets Ice Cream

Welcome to our website!

Introducing the ultimate guilt-free indulgence -

Vegan Ice Cream!

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A Bit About Us

We are proud to introduce the world's first non-dairy millet ice cream, a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional dairy-based ice cream.
"Looking for a guilt-free treat? Try our delicious vegan ice cream! Made with Millets and plant-based ingredients. Choose from a variety of flavors, all of which are dairy-free and ethically made.

Whether you're a vegan or just looking for a healthier alternative, our ice cream is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Come try it today!"

Look no further than our non-dairy millet based ice cream, made from the finest ingredients with no animal products in sight.

From classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla to creative concoctions, we have a flavor for every taste bud. Plus, our ice cream is not only dairy-free, but also lower in calories, Zero Cholesterol and low fats than traditional ice cream.

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SIRI- House of Vegan Ice Creams
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# Join us to Combat Malnutrition

# Save Water - Switch to Millets

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